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Calling the Shots

About the Author
Prabha Nair

Calling the Shots

Born and raised in Singapore, Prabha lives in USA.

Under the name of Prabhavathi Nair, she had been a freelance writer and reporter for the community page of the Straits Times, the English national daily of Singapore from 1986 till she left for the US in 1999. She has contributed articles and interviews in English for TV12, a TV magazine and several other publications in Singapore.

Prabha has also written short stories and articles in Tamil for the Tamil Murasu, the Tamil national daily of Singapore Prabha is an Indian classical dancer trained in the Kalakshetra style. She also plays the veena, a string instrument and she has been actively involved in music, dance and drama since the seventies.

She has performed and choreographed for numerous stage and television programs in Singapore. She plans to continue dancing as long as she can and contends that it would take a hefty 300-pound sumo wrestler or a crane to haul her off stage!

A nature-lover and voracious reader, Prabha's interests are varied, ranging from bird-watching to delving into religion and just about anything that is even remotely connected to the arts.

Prabha is the choreographer and dance director of ARCHANA ARTS. Prabha lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works at the Hilton in Cincinnati.