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Helga Bagan
Where the Road Leads
– a memoir
Carolyn Cross Hall
Irish Blessing
Sisters of Mercy
Donald Hill
Mostly Theatre
Sarah J. Houser
Remembering with Mom
Joel Linnabary
Capital City Pizza
Dr. Robert L. Munkres
Saleratus & Sagebrush
Collection of Tombstone
Epitaph Articles (web only)
Prabha Nair
Calling the Shots
Nancy Brown Perrini
Standing in the Sun
Lorle Porter
The Great Dan Emmett:
     Burnt Cork Artist Extraordinaire
Politics & Peril
St. Patrick's People
Sara's Table
A People Set Apart
The Immigrant Cocoon
Leatherwood Valley
Ruth Smith Richards
The Rainbow Comes
     Down in Ohio
Buckeye Memories
Rev. Clifford Schutjer
Tough Hope
Susan Carlson Scott
Fip's Magical World of Color
Danny W. Snapp
America in Prophecy
and the Apocalypse
Melanie R. Snapp
From the Hills & Hollows
of Appalachia:Poems,
True Stories & Tall Tales
Mary Helen Straker
The Hills of Home —
Five Generations of a Southeastern
Ohio Pioneer Family
Ethel Stockton
Older is Better
Not Too Old
Old Fashioned
Watt Center for
History and the Arts
Barnesville's 200 Years