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Remembering with Mom
by Sarah J. Houser

Sarah J. Webb Houser was born in 1919 in Chenoweth Corners, Ohio–a small community in Madison County where Yankeetown-Chenoweth Road and State Route 323 come together. In early 1991, Sarah wanted to come up with a gift for her children that had some special meaning and one that could become a family treasure some day.

“I thought back to my parents and what they had given me–love, support, and understanding–but nothing material...A few years before he died, Dad sat with me, telling me of his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles. I took notes and asked questions, but now that he’s gone, I still think of things I wish I’d asked him, and things I didn’t write down, but should have. No one else knows, or remembers, and now the information is lost forever.”

So Sara decided to detail her life and family as a gift for her children and future generations.

Remembering With Mom is a close look at life during hard times–sometimes humorous, often tragic, but always steeped with love.

Remembering with Mom Surnames

To Purchase, contact H. Houser, 740-869-2778
ISBN:1887932542, $16.95 + s&h
Soft Cover, 156 pages