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The Immigrant
Central Europeans in the Cambridge, Ohio Coalfield
by Lorle Porter, Ph.D.

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Cocoon CoverSome five-thousand Central Europeans and people from the Levant migrated to the Cambridge, Ohio Coalfield between 1880 and World War I. This is the story of their European roots and of their efforts to put down new roots in rural Ohio–a story of the merging of cultures in the American mixing bowl.

Dr. Lorle Porter tells their story–one of peasants resisting urbanity and Europeans reluctantly becoming American.

There is also extensive background material about the conditions in Central Europe that induced emigration during this period. The appendix contain theological essays that explain the historical framework for the evolution of Roman Catholicism, Byzantine Catholicism, and Orthodoxy in Central Europe.

The Immigrant Cocoon is based on more than a decade of research gleaned from census records, naturalization records, military service records, oral histories, cemetery and church records. Dr. Porter traces these people and their struggle from the time they arrived in Cambridge, Ohio in 1882 through the end of World War II.

About Dr. Lorle Porter

  • A surname index of over 850 names
  • A 22-page bibliography
  • Hundreds of photographs, most of them from private collections
  • Dozens of detailed maps, town plats, and charts
  • Detailed footnotes
  • 620 pages; soft cover
  • $34.95

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