St. Patrick's People
St. Patrick's People: Irish & English Catholics in Early Ohio
by Lorle Porter, Ph.D.
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St. Patrick's Cover On a hot, muggy day in September 1900, the island city of Galveston, Texas was devastated by a storm of incomprehensible magnitude.

"Twenty-five hundred houses had been swept away, and a thousand more reduced to rubble."* It was the worst natural disaster in American history. Far away, in the tiny village of Temperanceville, Ohio, the family of Bishop Nicholas Aloysius Gallagher said rosaries and prayed daily for the uncle and brother whose eighteen years of dedicated work had been swept away in a matter of hours.

Irish Catholicism flourished in the village, in the valley, and out into the frontier, nurtured through the decades by priests like Gallagher, John Mary Jacquet, Sylvester Horton Rosecrans, Benedict Joseph Flaget, and Edward Fenwick, to name only a few. Family names that have lived on for generations in Ohio are liberally scattered through the pages of this book; who they were, where they came from, and where they went, ever faithful. This is their story.

St. Patrick's People is a book rich with heritage, filled with human interest, and steeped in tradition. Dr. Porter has woven the threads of Catholicism throughout her skillful story-telling, providing detailed maps of areas pertinent to the tale. Over 60 photographs and illustrations enhance the 170-pages of text, a fascinating timeline shows the Catholic experience in England/Ireland and America, and several detailed family pedigrees provide a larger picture of the people in the stories. For anyone whose interests lie in Ohio history, Irish/English emigration, Catholicism in the New World, or genealogy-this book is a gem.

* Jack Lowery, "The Storm of the Century," Texas Highways, August 2000

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