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Reverend Edward Evans Parrish arrived in Oregon City on December 10.



Jesse Harritt's diary ended on October 6 with him beyond Fall River.



Virgil K. Pringle was in the Willamette Valley at the end of November.



Elizabeth Dixon Smith landed at Portland on November 29.



Harriet Talcott Buckingham arrived at The Dalles on September 23 and in Portland on September 26.

Amelia Hadley camped at a farm on August 23, then went to Oregon City and Portland.

Susan Amelia Cranston left for The Dalles on August t 26.

Lucia Loraine Williams arrived in Milwaukie, Oregon on September 3.

Eugenia Zieber had been in Oregon City for two weeks on October 26.

John S. Zeiber and his family (including Eugenia) arrived in Portland on October 10.



Abigail Jane Scott arrived in Oregon City on September 28.

Martha S. Read's diary ends on September 23 on the Umatilla River. A claim on land south of Salem, Oregon was dated November 30.

Cecelia Adams arrived by boat in Portland on October 25.

Mr. Davis "Walked eleven miles" to Portland on Sunday, October 10.

Mrs. Cornelia A. Sharp "camped about one mile east of Oregon City" on Wednesday, October 13.

James Akin, Jr. reached the Cascades on October 15. He was there about a week waiting for a boat to Portland. "Our little sister, Mary Ann Akin, died at the Cascades and was buried there. . . Our father died two weeks after we reached Portland."

John T. Kerns arrived in Portland on October 13.



Amelia Knight camped in "a fence corner by a Mr. Lambert's about seven miles from Milwaukie" on September 17.

Celinda Hines took a boat to the Sandy River on September 28, then went on to Portland by October 3.

Rachel Taylor (15 years old) crossed the Klamath River on October 22; on October 27th she arrived "in the white settlements".

Henry Allyn wrote "I bring my journal to a close in the Valley of Willamette" on September 6.

Orange Gaylord moved his family to Oregon City on August 27.

Mrs. Velina A. Williams' diary ends on September 30 at "our camp on Clear Lake" in southern Oregon.




Sarah Sutton died in the Tygh Valley, south of the present town of Hood River, a hundred or so miles short of the promised land in the Willamette Valley.

Elizabeth Austin and Anna Marie Goodell arrived at Grand Mound on October 8. Elizabeth married a man who sailed Puget Sound. Anna Marie was already married to such a sailor; in 1864 he drowned in a flood and Anna Marie returned to Ohio.



Elizabeth Lee Porter took the boat to Portland on October 10.

Harriet A. Loughary boarded a steamboat for Portland at The Dalles on August 30.

=============================================================== Although the journey west had ended, it was not, in reality, "Trail's End" for those of our pioneering forebears who had survived the trek. Rather it was, in the classic phrase, "The End of the Beginning" as these hardy people continued their pursuit of a better life for themselves and their children in that land whose name sparked dreams in the 19th century--the land that lay at the end of The Oregon Trail.


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