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Saleratus & Sagebrush
by Robert L. Munkres

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Saleratus & Sagebrush

Except by historians, amateur and professional, the members of the Bidwell-Bartleson party have been generally forgotten. This group was the first true emigrant train to cross South Pass. While the memory of these men has dimmed considerably, the road west which they followed has not, for the route they followed is one of the most famous in the history of human migration-the Oregon Trail.

Saleratus & Sagebrush chronicles the journeys of these and many other emigrants on the trails west. Stories about the famous and indispensable Fort Bridger and Fort Laramie, the fork in the road at Soda Springs, women's lives on the trail, the family dog, and tales of Indians, friendly and not-so-friendly are richly enhanced by photographs and several reproductions of works by William Henry Jackson.


Robert MunkresRobert L. Munkres is a native of Nebraska's North Platte Valley. During the summers of 1956, 1957, and 1958, he was a seasonal Ranger-Historian with the National Park Service at Fort Laramie National Historic Site. A well-published author, he taught courses in political science and history at Muskingum College (Ohio) for more than forty years. He retired from full-time teaching in 1999, but continues to research and write as well as offer an annual interdisciplinary course on the American Indians.

"Robert Munkres's comprehension of the people and events that are the life-substance of Western history" is undeniable. "You will find that breadth of interest and comprehension ably expressed in the pages" of this book. Additionally, he "possesses the singular ability of being able to identify with both the Indian and White viewpoints of history [and] both sides are presented in his writings . . . his writings come as close to being truly objective history as can be found anywhere."-Father Peter J. Powell, D.D., (Founder and Current Spiritual Director of The St. Augustine Center for American Indians, Chicago, Illinois)

ISBN: 1-887932-90-9; 336 pages, soft cover. Order #SAL $19.95


* saleratus - sal-er-a-tus; baking soda