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Capital City Pizza

by Joel Linnabary
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Capital City Pizza       What is Capital City Pizza? It is a story of how one night affects a number of people. They have one common thread-the pizza shop. The story takes place over less than a 24 hour period. The setting is in the capital city, Columbus, Ohio. It is Saturday, June 14th, 1975. In this one day many lives will intertwine and leave memories and scars on each person. Follow JR, the manager of Capital City Pizza, as he gets through the most memorable day and night of his young life. Rumors persist that the owner is selling the shop, but no one knows for sure. The characters play softball, run a race, work, go to a drive-in, participate in a lip sync contest, go to a go-go bar, watch baseball, survive a rain storm, get robbed, make-out, and wrap up the night at a keg party. The music of the time sets the tone throughout the novel. It is a story of growth, love, and maturing. If the 1960's have American Graffiti, then the 1970's have Capital City Pizza. So sit back, put on some classic rock, and enjoy the journey back to 1975.

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