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Sisters of Mercy
by Carolyn Cross Hall

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Claire and Ella Timple: two angels of mercy in a world that needed them--the world of the lost, lonely souls at Bellevue Hospital for the Insane in the early nineteen-hundreds.

Carolyn J. Cross Hall again brings her charming narrative to the pages of Sisters of Mercy, drawing on her own experience with nursing and delving into the past of this most noble profession to craft this cozy mystery.

" enjoyable journey back into another time, with colorful vignettes that drive the narrative, all the while supported by characters who are meaningful, warm, and delightful to follow....the inner workings of Bellevue Hospital was also intriguing." ~Jim Dooley, Columbus, Ohio

"A nostalgic story that intrigued my imagination. I found myself wondering, anticipating what would come next. A good mystery." ~Susan, a mystery reader

"Carolyn Hall captures a true nurse's heart, mixes it with an interesting historical period, and adds a clever mystery. What a charming combination!" ~Toni Smith R.N.

ISBN 1-887932-34-9; soft cover, 136 pages, $13.95