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Irish Blessing
by Carolyn Cross Hall

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Irish Blessing CoverIn the spring of 1884, Mary Ann English finds herself with a dilemma. After twenty-eight years, can her troubled past be forgotten? Is her heart open to forgiveness?

Set in the Ohio Valley in the 1800's, Irish Blessing takes the reader back in time, yet mirrors many modern-day challenges, expressing these issues in an entertaining and spiritual way. It is a charming tale about real people...a true story filled with joy and sadness, weakness and strength.

Irish Blessing is a tribute to American heritage, saluting our precedent families a unique portrayal of resilience, steadfast faith, and the power of love.

What the Author Has to Say: "Irish Blessing is my tribute to my heroic great-great-grandmother. I feel that Mary Ann would be honored to have you hear her story, and I trust that the liberties I have taken will be forgiven.

I have chosen to write Mary Ann's story through her voice and her memory. This has allowed me to tell her unique and compelling life's journey through the time of the Mexican War, the establishment of the B&O Railroad, the Gold Rush, and the Civil War."


Carolyn Cross HallCarolyn Cross Hall was born in Cambridge, Ohio, and lived the first ten years of her life on a farm in Guernsey County. These fond childhood memories gave insight and vision for creating the Ohio farm setting in Irish Blessing.

Irish Blessing is a family tale that has been handed down through the generations, and candidly written as fiction. Passionately moved and inspired by Mary Ann's story, Carolyn carefully jotted down her mother's words. Over time, this family story has become a captivating love narrative, deeply rooted in research, historical fact, and family lore.

The more Carolyn dug, the more facts she uncovered, and the more Mary Ann began to speak to her. She felt that her destiny was to write her great-great-grandmother's story, and feels that Mary Ann would be honored to have it heard.

Carolyn lives near New Concord, Ohio with her husband. She works as a nurse, caring for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. She has three daughters and is enjoying the addition of grandchildren to her family. Irish Blessing is her first novel.

ISBN 1-887932-89-5; soft cover, 210 pages, illustrated, surname list. $17.95