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Old Fashioned

by Ethel Stockton

Old FashionedGet Out the Tissues~You'll Need Them!

Inspiring Annaliz has turned eighty-seven, but still believes life should be lived with gusto. Having survived a bad marriage, several affairs, a lost love, and the death of a second husband, she now comforts a priest who cannot decide if he should give up his vows for the woman he loves.

Soft cover, 284 pages, Large Print. $18.95
November 2006

About the Author
Ethel Stockton, known as Aunt Ethel, is 91 years old. She has 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Born in 1915, she lived most of her life in the Pacific Northwest, where she spent 50 years as an Interior Designer. She believes everyone should live their lives with gusto; that age doesn't matter. It is only what you make of it.

In 1967 she wrote her first book, titled Stretch Your Dollars, meant for elderly women who had no idea how to handle money. In 1999 she published a diet/cookbook titled A Cookbook for Losers, using the Atkin's diet as a base but with a twist. In 2003, Old is a 4-Letter Word was published: the story of an elderly American woman, living in Mazatlan, Mexico, who insists on living life her way, hating the word OLD, and making believe it doesn't pertain to her. Aunt Ethel's second book is titled Older Is Better, a sequel to Old is a 4-Letter Word. Third in the Annaliz series is Not Too Old and Ethel's delightful heroine returns here in Old Fashioned.

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