A story of the merging of cultures in the American mixing-bowl of rural Ohio.

The thousands of Central European immigrants who came to the coalfields of Guernsey and Noble Counties in southeastern Ohio between 1880 and 1920 brought little with them but their carpetbags and their religion. Dr. Lorle Porter tells their story-one of peasants resisting urbanity and Europeans reluctantly becoming American.

Dr. Porter wrote The Immigrant Cocoon based on more than a decade of research gleaned from census records, naturalization records, military service records, oral histories, cemetery and church records. She traces these people and their struggle from the time they arrived in Cambridge, Ohio in 1882 through the end of World War II. Features of this award-winning book that make it an excellent choice for anyone interested in Ohio history or genealogy.


  • a surname index of over 850 names
  • a 22 page Bibliography
  • hundreds of photographs, most of them from private collections
  • dozens of detailed maps, town plats, and charts
  • detailed footnotes
  • 620 pages
  • Given the Outstanding Regional History Award for 1995 by OAHSM
Published by Dr. Lorle Porter, 1994
Re-released by New Concord Press, 2003 ISBN 1887932917, soft cover.
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Cocoon Cover



Life in an Ohio canal town - an intriguing study of the dynamics of a successful early history preservation project.

Roscoe: Generations - Regeneration is more than a history of Roscoe Village. It is a social history that should be of interest to anyone who loves a good story. "It is....about how we came to be, here in the Midwest, and what we did with ourselves." (John Baskin in Ohio Magazine)

Dr. Lorle Porter's knack for delving beyond the tiresome facts (dates and places) to get at the meat of the subject—the people and what they felt) has made this book a wonderfully entertaining story about heritage.

Features of this excellent regional history book include:

  • 452 pages
  • dozens of photographs and illustrations
  • topic index
  • extensive bibliography
  • hardbound cover with striking full color dustjacket
Published by the Roscoe Village Foundation, 1991
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Where is Gallipolis? What happened in Gnadenhutten? What is Zane's Trace?

Discovering Ohio'S Hill Country is the book with the answers. Some people think of Ohio as flat and, in truth, the great American Prairie begins at Columbus. But, the southern part of the state - the Hill Country - is a roller coaster of hills, villages, and towns, a crazy quilt of what is quintessentially American "down home" culture. Dr. Lorle Porter takes the reader through this rural history maze by way of this handy book, complete with special-interest maps.

Features include:

  • Fold-out special-interest maps:
    The Land and Its Inhabitants
    Taming the Frontier
    Ferries, Roads, Canals & Railroads
    The Ancestor Trail
    The Blue, The Gray, The Butternut
    Economics: Making a Living
    Towns and Architecture
  • Topic index
  • Sections tied into special-interest maps
  • Tourism offices and contacts
  • 264 pages
  • Handy 5 x 8 size with spiral spine for easy use
Published by Dr. Lorle Porter, Locust Grove Press, 1996
No ISBN number.
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A Gem of a Genealogy Resource!

The pioneers of the Leatherwood Valley, their beginnings and their legacy.

The Leatherwood Creek flows from streams cascading down the hills of western Belmont County, converging at Temperanceville and then westward through such settlements as Quaker City, Salesville, and Lore City, into Wills Creek at Cambridge. It was one of the many "river roads" traveled by early settlers into the Ohio Territory. Well-known Ohio historian and author, Lorle Porter, follows these earliest pioneers in the Ohio Country as they claimed their land in this rich valley.

The Leatherwood Valley features:

  • an index of over 400 surnames for the area
  • dozens of photographs and maps
  • detailed annotations in each chapter
  • a complete bibliography
  • 210 pages with sturdy soft cover
Published by Dr. Lorle Porter, 1991
Re-released by New Concord Press 2003

ISBN 1887932984
$18.95 + shipping